"Founded in April 2013, TazBull Records is a fully registered and trademarked record label. Ricky Khoury​, along with a consortium of forward thinking music professionals & artists, who are determined to break the boundaries of traditional music models."
We are against artists being exploited and tricked into signing the proverbial dotted line. We will never ask you to pay for play, nor ask you to sign-over ALL of your rights as an artist. There are no HIDDEN fees, subscription costs, special needs or anything else that will cost the artist more money above and beyond what is necessary. Yes, there will be contracts, this is a business and expenses are a reality. The cost of recording sessions, mastering and coding tracks, investors repaid, radio promoters, wardrobe, photographer's, video production, event and booking promoters. What it takes to help give you and your band's music a fighting chance in an industry that has a TON of competition.
Tazbull Records was formed under the REALITY that the music industry at large has become a highly segregated sector of major corporations and financiers working hand in hand with major media outlets, who pride themselves in retaining "privileged information." These individuals not only don't care about sharing this information, but work relentlessly at all costs to conceal this knowledge, while at the same time exploiting artists and monetizing their work. 
We refuse to take this away from the artist. As we know," Knowledge is King", and the best thing any artist can have on his or her side. At TazBull Records, we share all of our knowledge and there is no "privileged information," ever!
Our one and only goal is to get you to the NEXT LEVEL, be it, signed by a Major Label or opening for a Major Act. Can you dig it?

TazBull Records was created & founded by Texas born percussionist, Ricky "Shooter" Khoury".

TazBull Records has representatives in...
• Longview, TX,
• Tampa, FL,
• Nashville, TN
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PRODUCER: Anthony Little  (Clearwater, FL/Nashville, TN) 
Tina Turner, Ryan Tedder, Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys, N’ Sync, Reba: these are just a few of the names multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter/producer Anthony Little has worked with throughout the span of his diverse and impressive career. From songwriting and production to jingle writing, artist development and music business management, he exudes equal amounts of passion and enthusiasm for every element of the business he touches. Currently Little is signed with LA - based Radar Music and is working to develop several hot new young artists. He is also Executive Director of Clear Track Recording Studios and Production Company in Clearwater, FL.
Writing songs and artist development is a role Little relishes more than any other -- helping new talent find their voice. Little notes, “It’s a new age in the music industry, and I think it provides a great opportunity for guys like myself who are passionate about working with artists on every level.”
RECORDING:  Clear Track Studios (Clearwater, FL) Mike Johnson, Founder / Chief Engineer / Tech. Designed by Wes Lachot, this classic studio with a fast, modern workflow houses one of the most accurate control rooms in the Southeast. Record with vintage high-end classics and cutting edge analog-to-digital recording technology such as Endless Analog CLASP! The creative atmosphere and on-site tech support makes for smoother recording and mixing sessions so you can enjoy your favorite studio experience.
MASTERING:  Sterling Sound (New York, NY) 
Sterling Sound has mastered thousands of projects, including many of the most ground breaking, top selling albums of all time. Since 1968, Sterling Sound has also been home to some of the most talented and experienced engineers in the world of music production. With 318 album credits already under his belt, engineer Joe LaPorta is up for record of the year for the indie band Imagine Dragon‘s hit “Radioactive” from their debut album Night Visions at this year's Grammy Awards on Jan. 26th, 2014. Joe was previously nominated for a Grammy for 2012 Album of the Year Foo Fighters "Wasting Light".
BOOKING AGENT:  Jane's World Entertainment (Tampa, FL)
Jane McKee, Owner and Licensed Agent. One of Tampa Bay’s most experienced and trusted agents, representing a wide variety of musical genres. Established in 1995, the agency has developed a consistent list of satisfied clients. Jane conscientiously handles all the details of your account to ensure quality entertainment, professionalism, and an event that is certain to run smoothly. When requested or as Jane’s World Entertainment deems necessary, an on site representative of the agency is available to ensure the client’s satisfaction. JWE is licensed, bonded and insured.
RADIO: Howard Rosen Promotion, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
We are a full service radio promotion company that has been in business since 1985. So what is Radio Promotion? Glad you asked! The best way to explain radio promotion is: we get your song played on the radio. Our team comes with over 30 years of experience in the music industry with time spent at major labels & independent labels doing promotion, marketing and special projects. We’ve also spent time managing artists, programming radio and even being the artist out on the road. We have relationships with radio stations throughout the country, plus we have the resources to monitor how artists are doing at various radio formats.
LEGAL:   Khoury Law Firm  - Andy Khoury  andy@khourylawfirm.com
Save The Radio's single "ADD IT UP" reaches #37 on Nielson Ratings Mainstream Top 40 Indicator Chart in Summer of 2014.
cineMOOK produces the music video for 
"ADD IT UP", directed & edited by Rob Reilly & director of photography Trevor Winsett.