We are currently looking to sign 2 NEW BANDS for 2016.
Submissions begin Jan. 4th, 2016 
Artist, Musician or Representative... 
Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to TazBull Records. 
Our submission guidlines are very simple...
Artists must own FULL RIGHTS to the songs they are submitting.
"Reality Check"
( - an occasion on which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world.)
We are looking for artists or bands that WANT THIS more than ANYTHING!
When we see artists/bands that already have their own website, social media networks, EPK video,
music videos (even low budget), building a fan base, designing their artwork & logos,
and most important...writing, rehearsing & gigging...then you're one step closer to working with TazBull Records and we can't wait to hear your music!
 The life of an artist is not easy and every dollar matters! Believe us, we know! 
So with that in mind, you can send us a link to your music from any service that DOES NOT require a log in (e.g. Souncloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) with NO FEE to TazBull Records!! 
(We will NOT ACCEPT links to Tunecore, ReverbNation, etc.)
It is in OUR best interest to listen to ALL submissions, so we will certainly try, but no guarantees and Free Submissions will not recieve feedback. Only artists/bands that we are interested in will be contacted.
Send Free Submmissions to: (disabled until 01/04/16)
   NOTE: If you would like a guarantee that we will listen to your music, as well as receive actual feedback (Not Generic), there is a $25 fee. Time is money, as we all know! Email us for details.
We look forward to listening!!
Life is your dreams! 
Ricky Khoury